The Dashboard

When you first log in to Moodle you will see your landing page, called the Dashboard. This is a customizable page, and will serve as "home base" for you.

From here, you can easily access your courses, and see if you have assessments that require action.

To view the information regarding the upcoming assessment, click the icon. This will expand the assessment, showing you what needs your attention. You can navigate quickly to the assessment, by clicking on its title.

You can rearrange the order of how your courses display in the course overview by customizing your dashboard.

To begin customization, click the "Customize this page" button in the upper right corner.

Next, put your cursor over the "Move" icon (looks like crosshairs). Click and drag the course into the desired order.

Courses will shift as you move them around. When the course is where you want it, release your mouse

Once you are satisfied with the course order, click the "Stop customizing this page" button in the upper right corner.

To the right of the course overview, you will notice the Latest news section. This displays any college-wide announcements that may have been placed on the Site home page. This material will be updated as new announcements are available. Please make sure you keep an eye out for new announcements.


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