You will notice small boxes on the edges of your course pages. These are called Blocks. Blocks are a key feature of Moodle. They contain supplementary information to what's contained in the center of the page. Some blocks help you navigate through a course (such as the Navigation block discussed previously), display information, latest news, messages, and so on. There are many types of blocks available in Moodle, and each course may vary slightly as to which blocks are being used.

You have the ability to Dock these blocks.

Docking a block places it on the left edge of the page, allowing you to maximize your screen for course content. To dock a block, simply click the Dock icon Dock. When ready to use the block, simply hover over the docked block located against the left edge, and it will appear. If you'd like the block restored back out of the docking area, simply click the Undock icon Undock and it will appear back to its original location. It is recommended you utilize the docking feature to maximize the content window on your screen.

Please familiarize yourself with this list of basic Blocks you'll see throughout your courses. We will discuss several of these in depth later. Note: The order of your blocks may shift around if you choose to dock and undock them.


Activities Block - You will see this Block on the home page of your course. It gives you an overview of all available activities listed within your course, and quicklinks to access those activities.
Navigation Block - As the name implies, this Block helps you navigate through your courses and through Moodle itself.
Dashboard Menu - When you first log into Moodle, you can use the Dashboard Menu, in the upper right corner of the screen, to adjust and edit your profile settings and preferences, and also access the grades for all your current courses.
Administration Block - Once you have entered a course, the Administration Block will appear under the Navigation Block. You'll find access to your Grades page for this specific course here.


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